Performance Apparel

Automotive Interiors

Ames Europe fabrics can be found in seating and interiors of major car brands all over the world. For more than 50 years the automotive OEMS and their supply chain rely on Ames Europe products and solutions.

Ames EXTENDO Circular Knitted Fabrics form a flexible lightweight substrate for coatings, foam and  face fabrics. Our customers coat our fabrics with PVC or PU or laminate the fabric by a ƒlame or glueing process. The coated or laminated fabrics are in the seats, headrests, door panels, sun visors and gearshift covers.

Ames DISTO Spacer Fabrics were introduced more than 15 years ago. In the last 5 years we completed our programme with warp knitted and high distance spacer fabrics. Nowadays we develop, manufacture and supply spacer fabrics used in instrument panels, door panels, ventilation seats and unique new seating concepts where spacer fabrics bring comfort, weight savings and durability.

Ames BIPO Brushed Fabrics are PES fabrics used a backing for leather and artificial leather. The brushed fabrics give the laminate a soft touch and more durability. Ames Europe has been a reliable and innovative supplier to the automotive industry for many years. Please contact us for more information on our products and possibilities.